Membership In JPARA

Membership into JPARA is by the recommendation of a current club member only. If you think that you may be interested in joining the group, we recommend that you take the following steps:

1. Listen to one of the AUX-Link radios, and really decide if this group is right for you. There is an investment of time and money to join the group, so we like to encourage everyone to listen for a while to decide if this group is right for you.

2. While listening, take note of call signs you recognize, or may be in your area. This is a wide area coverage network, and our operators are located throughout the state. If you hear someone local to you, you can use to locate them, and possibly get an email address. These operators may very well be active on local repeaters, so listen for them there also.

3. If you decide you are interested in the group, contact one or all of the members you have heard on the system. Let them know you have been listening, and are interested in joining up. SUGGEST an in-person meeting with them at a neighborhood cafe (or somewhere convenient for both of you) and get to know them.

4. Once you meet your sponsor, and they are willing to sponsor you in, they may invite you to start using our system as a guest. The sponsor is asked to let the board know about the guest, and an email is sent out to all of the members anouncing your presence. Your SPONSOR is now responsible for teaching you how the system works, and how you are expected to behave while on the system.

5. During the next meeting held (we only hold two per year) your sponsor will present you to the group for a vote of acceptace. You must be approved by the membership to be accepted. This is why we encourage "PROSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS" to get active on the system. You can get to know other club members, and they get to know you.

If you are having problems locating someone to contact, or if you have any questions about the group, please feel free to send an email to any of the board members. Their email is listed on the front page.

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Page last updated by Greg, KD5OH on 01/05/2020